Make building a coaching business an ADVENTURE!

Join The Coaching Adventure Game

Improve your coaching and enrollment skills. Be more visible. Lean into your edges. Take a LOT of action, and have a TON of fun in the process!

Mon, Oct 21 thru Sun, Nov 10

Join the fun until the game ends in...


Most of us think becoming a masterful and successful coach is HARD AF. And in some ways, it definitely can be. It takes hard work, dedication, focus, and true courage. 

However, it doesn’t have to be filled with land-mines of fear. You don’t have to get stuck alone and uncertain in your home office. Figuring out this coaching thing doesn't have to feel isolating and heavy. 

Most people experience building a coaching business as SURVIVAL.

We invite you to experience it as an ADVENTURE!

The Coaching Adventure Game is for you if you want: 

  • A fun, easy way to take action. 
  • To focus on the simple activities that make a big difference.
  • Lean in to procrastination and distraction and take a MASSIVE leap forward in building your coaching business.
  • Make a positive impact on the world, finally. Not just in theory.
  • A sense of purpose and progress, seeing how your efforts are bearing fruit.
  • Connect with other coaches on the path who have your back and will inspire you to keep going when things get tough.  

The basics of playing the game:

CHALLENGES: You'll get a list of activities to choose from.

POINTS: For each challenge you complete, you get points.

REWARDS: Get the most points and win bonus rewards!


  • A computer and internet access to receive and submit challenges. 
  • Willingness to try new things and reach out for support when you're stuck. 
  • Desire to build a thriving coaching business with integrity and authenticity.


  • The game will go for 3 weeks from Monday, Oct 21 to Sunday, Nov 10.
  • You can play during the full 3 weeks or you can start/stop throughout. 
  • We will be interacting 100% online, but there will be in-person challenges available.


  • You'll get an email confirmation and all game related updates.
  • We'll share the official players doc with the full list of rules, challenges, and more.
  • Start taking action and collecting points right away!


If you’re willing to take on these challenges - even if you don’t win a prize - you will have taken a TON of action, created NEW connections, deepened existing relationships, learned new skills, and generally leveled up your business and your coaching mastery.

ALL participants WIN:

  • Improve your skills as a coach.
  • Be more visible. 
  • Develop your enrollment skills. 
  • Lean into your edges. 
  • Make more coach friends.
  • Take a LOT of action.
  • And have a TON of fun in the process.

Score top points and you could WIN:

  • 100% free and full participation in the Spring 2020 Coaching Dojo ($4,500 value)
  • Free seat in the November Half-Day Dojo on "Powerful Questions"
  • Bonus Q&A call with Toku and Christina (Co-Founders of Samurai Coaching Dojo)
  • Personalized feedback on a recording of your coaching session or sales call.
  • Get an article you write featured on our website and community. 
  • ...and more surprise prizes!

There will be a variety of winners: week #1, week #2, week #3, Grand Prize, Runner Up, 3rd Place, and other surprise challenges and prizes.