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If you would still like to join the Challenge for the remaining days, please reach out to us at

Tired of losing clients who seem excited but end up saying NO!

Well, Good news. In this 5-day Mini-Mastermind Challenge,

We're going to begin to Master How To . . .



Learn how to create powerful connection on your sales calls so they feel more natural and oraganic.



Learn how to draw out and clarify a powerful vision of the future that has your clients excited to hear more.



Learn how to position your work to address exactly what your client wants without spewing a bunch of B.S.



Learn how to work with clients no matter what answer they give in a way that feels effective, powerful, and best of all in deep integrity

(aka not sleazy or salesy)

5 Days - 5 Big Lessons

- 5 Powerful Tools

I designed the 5-day Master Your Sales Call Challenge to help you learn the biggest and most impactful skills and tools you need to learn in order to start having better calls ASAP and it's all based on skills you already use all the time as a coach. Here's what we'll cover:


Day 1 - The Coach

  • The key mindset shift you need to make in order to get exponentially better at sales calls
  • A breakdown of the top 6 beliefs that keep coaches from signing clients
  • An explanation of the steps I follow to get into more commitment or sales conversations with potential clients


Day 2 - The Vision

  • The simple way to start a commitment call that will dramatically improve your chances of getting a yes
  • An outline for how to structure a commitment call that's effective and empowering for both you and your client
  • The process I use to create an exciting and compelling vision with potential clients


Day 3 - The Gap

  • A powerful breakdown of how to get your prospective clients present to the cost of inaction
  • A deeper understanding of how skillful coaches inspire change
  • A structure to help your potential clients understand why they might need coaching


Day 4 - The Offer

  • Deep understanding of why some people change while others stay stuck that will shift how you show up to sales calls
  • A simple way to create a coaching offer without having a specific signature program, process, or even a niche
  • How to use their language to help you know exactly what to say in order to help them connect with the value of coaching


Day 5 - Coaching Beyond Yes and No

  • How to support people after they say yes or no in a way that inspires them and feels good for both of you
  • The magic 3 questions to ask when someone says they ‘can’t afford’ coaching
  • How to avoid getting ghosted and how to keep getting better with each sale/commitment call you do 


How can I attend? When are the calls?

I'll be hosting live calls Mon 1/30 - Fri 2/3 at 10 am PT

  • LA 10am - Denver 11am - Nashville 12pm- NYC 1pm
  • London 6pm - Berlin 7pm- Bali 1am- Sydney 5am

Will There Be Recordings?

Yes! there will be recordings of all the calls. We'll post them inside the Facebook group and share them on DropBox

Will There Be A Chance To Ask Questions and Get Coached?

Yes, I'll be answering questions and offering coaching during the live calls. If you can't attend for any reason, you can post a question in the FB group, or shoot me an email and I'll do my best to address any questions on the call either directly or through what we're teaching.

I Don't Like Sales Is This For Me? I Love Sales Is This For Me?

No matter how you feel about selling this is a great challenge for you. If you hate sales it will give you a new way to relate to it. If you love sales this challenge will give you some new things to try and new ways of thinking about creating commitment with potential clients.